Park Descriptions: Carquinez Parks are located along the Carquinez Straits between the towns of Crockett and Martinez. 
These parks are open grasslands and typical Oak forests which include Buckeye, Bays, Manzanita's, Madrones, etc. There are three Shoreline parks: Carquinez West, Carquinez East and Martinez. The hill park is called Crockett Hills. Carquinez West is entered by the Bull Valley Staging area. Carquinez East by the Nejedly staging area, and the Crockett Hills by the Crockett Ranch staging area. The Martinez Shoreline has no staging area.
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   Bull Valley Staging Area:

   April 21, 2010

   May 24, 2012

   Crockett Ranch Staging Area:
November 4, 2010

   Martinez Regional Shoreline:
October 9, 2008
   November 5, 2009.

   February 22, 2012

   Nejedly Staging Areas:
   October 1, 2009 Franklin Ridge
   March 28, 2013 Franklin Ridge