Park Description: This 450 acre park wraps itself around Indian Valley College just south of Novato. There is a loop trail of about two miles around a 500' hill from which several other loops on the south west side reach up into the hills.  While the maps indicate an elevation gain of only about 200 feet from the valley floor, my GPS showed more than a 400 gain on the Alexander Trail for example, so beware. As the park is only about 13 miles from the Pacific and fairly wooded, hiking should be comfortable much of the year.  

From 101 around Novato, take Ignacio Blvd west to Indian Valley College, (about 3 miles). Park at lot no. 8, as the trail starts here, and opens up about 100 yards further once past a large sports field.

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Location map: here
Cost: $3/car for day use. 

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Start of Schwindt trail after leaving the ball park.