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  • Star Lily (Zigadenus fremontii var. minor): This native Star Lily is a bit smaller than it’s close realtive Zigadenus fremontii. width:526;;height:604
  • Suncups (Camissonia ovata): Natives of California & Oregon. width:604;;height:532
  • Cream Cups (Platystemon californicus): The soil here is low in nutrients so  these natives were smaller than usual. width:604;;height:491
  • Looking south over parts of Novato. width:640;;height:480
  • Arroyo Willow (Salix lasiolepis): “Lasiolepis” comes from the Latin “lasios” meaning wooly hair. The leaves are wooly & hairy.  Native. width:473;;height:604
  • Wetland Tidy Tips (Layia chrsyanthemoides): There were hundreds of the natives growing among the serpentine outcrops. width:488;;height:604
  • Little clump of hilltop trees just up from San Carlos Way. width:454;;height:604
  • Bitter Root (Lewisia rediviva): This budding California native is also the state flower of Montana. width:604;;height:499
  • Purple Owl’s Clover (Castilleja densiflora): These natives ranged from 2"-3" tall & 1/3" -2/3" across. width:483;;height:604
  • Possibly a Yellowed Legged frog hiding in the rocks. width:640;;height:458
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