April 17, 2008

Trail Description: Estero trail provides one of the best views of Drakes Estuary. The trail starts out on gentle grasslands before winding down through thick bird filled Bishop Pine groves to a small bridge spanning Home Bay. Beyond that, the trail climbs about 140' among  Ceanothus and other wildflowers culminating in a nice views of the various bays. The trail continues on, but we stopped here for a leisurely 3.5 mile hike & lunch before backtracking. 

Trail Location:
From Pt. Reyes Station head west down Sir Francis Drake Bl. for 9 miles. Make a left onto Estero & go another mile to the end. There are restrooms & trail maps.

Blooming Plants Not Photographed:
NN= Non Native
Beach Strawberry (Fragaria chiloensis)
Bedstraw (Gallium sp.) NN
Blue Blossom (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus)
Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum)
Brass Buttons (Cotula coronopifolia) NN
Bush Lupine (Lupinus arboreus)
California Blackberry (Rubus ursinus)
California Buttercup (Ranunculus californicus)
California Huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum)
California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)
Chickweed ((Stellaria sp.) NN
Cow Parsnip (Heracleum lanatum)
Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana)
English Plantain (Plantago lanceolata) NN
Hairy Catís Ear (Hypochaeris radicata) NN
Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium officinale) NN
Giant Vetch (Vicia gigantea)
Gumplant (Grindelia stricta)
Minerís Lettuce (Claytonia perfoliata)
Narrow Leaf Flax (Linum bienne) NN
Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum) NN
Prickle Fruited Buttercup (Ranunculus muricatus)
Red Maids (Calandrinia ciliata)
Salmon Berry (Rubus spectabilis)
Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis) NN
Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) NN
Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella) NN
Snakeroot (Sanicula crassicaulis)
Spring Vetch (Vicia sativa) NN
Subterranean Clover (Trifolium subterraneum) NN
Sun Cups (Camissonia ovata)
Varied Lupine (Lupinus variicolor)
Western Dog Violet (Viola adunca)
White Stemmed Filaree (Erodium moschatum) NN
Wightís Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja wightii)

Ferns And Allies Not Photographed:
Bracken Fern (Pteridium aquilinum)
Common Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)
Sword Fern (Polystichum munitum)










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Coast Twin Berry (Lonicera involucrata): A relative to Honeysuckle.