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  • Western Azalea (Rhododendron occidentale): A large native bush which averaged about 8 feet tall by  6 feet wide.  The flowers are very fragrant. width:640;;height:470
  • Arrow Grass (Triglochin maritima): A native and not really a grass, these seeds and it’s stem form the ‘arrow’ for which the plant is named. width:395;;height:604
  • Heading down Jepson Trail. width:454;;height:604
  • California Honeysuckle (Lonicera hispidula var. vacillans): A native vine/shrub which attracts hummingbirds. width:459;;height:604
  • These may look like raisins but they are actually the seeds of our native Ceanothus Bush (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus). width:451;;height:604
  • Kayakers enjoying an outing off of Indian Beach. width:640;;height:480
  • Coffee Berry (Rhamnus californica): Each tiny flower on this native bush was only about 1/4"across. width:640;;height:492
  • Milkwort (Polygala californica): This low growing flowering plant is native from Southern Oregon to Northern & Central California. width:640;;height:568
  • Ocean Spray (Holodiscus discolor): A large native bush which was about 8 feet tall by 5 feet wide. width:451;;height:604
  • A typical section of trail from Indian Beach to Hearts Desire Beach. width:454;;height:604
  • Petty Spurge (Euphorbia peplus): Originally from Europe, this tiny flowered ground cover likes to grow in the shade. width:547;;height:604
  • Topo map of our hike Jepson trail and our hike. width:378;;height:460
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