Park Description: The wetlands were created in 1997 when the city of American Canyon received a grant to purchase 460 acres of marshlands. After much debate, the money was used to restore the wetlands to their original state, and the area now hosts a vibrant marshland eco system as well as having mitigated sewage, flood and runaway development problems. Plans are afoot for more environmental projects on the remaining land and future acquisitions are in the works. Only from the parking lot south is open currently.

Directions: The park is located about 5 miles north of Vallejo. From Highway 12, go west on Rio Del Mar (has light). Take an immediate right onto Eucalyptus and follow it to the end.  Picnic tables, but no not too much beer.  Map link

Link: none.  
For information call 707 647 4568
Trailmap: none at present
Cost: Free. 

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Levee Trail
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View of the marsh area south of the parking lot