June 16,  2011

Trail/Park Description:

It was another gorgeous California day for a hike when we took off on a new trail. After parking where Las Posadas road makes a 90, we headed straight east and then south outside the forestís fence. This is known as the whoop de do trail I think, named for itís three depressions. In spite of three Ďexpertí trail guides all with GPS, we were always on the verge of getting lost. But somehow we finally managed to find Inspiration Point for a nice lunch, before making our way back on the Mossy Trail. This is perhaps the forests lushest trail, which should be even nicer after a good rain.

ee our Park page for more information. 

Blooming Plants Not Photographed:
NN=Non Native
Anisocarpus madioides (Woodland Madia)
Calochortus amabilis (Globe Lily)
Calochortus tolmiei (Pussy Ears)
Carduus pycnocephalus (Italian Thistle)NN
Collomia heterophylla ((Var-leafed Collomia)
Dichelostemma congesta (Ookow)
Eriophyllum lanatum (Wooly Sunflower)
Gamochaeta purpurea (Purple Cudweed)
Genista monspessulana (French Broom)NN
Hieracium albiflorum (White Hawkweed)
Hypochaeris radicata (Rough Catís Ears)NN
Lonicera hispidula var. vacillans (Calif. Honeysuckle)
Lotus micranthus (Small Flowered Lotus)
Lotus wrangelianus (Chilean Trefoil)
Piperia transversa (Rein Orchid)
Polygala californica (Milkwort)
Rubus discolor (Himalayan Blackberry)NN
Torilis arvensis (Hedge Parsley)NN
Toxicodendron diversilobum (Poison Oak)
Trifolium dubium (Shamrock)NN
Triteleia laxa (Ithurielís Spear)
Viola lobata (Pine Violet)

Ferns & Allies Not Photographed:
Pentagramma triangularis (Goldback Fern)
Polypodium calirhiza (nested Polypody Fern)
Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens (Western Bracken Fern)

Photo album courtesy of Jalbum