July 3, 2008

Trail Description:

Oakridge Drive is the southern entrance to the park off of Green Valley Road. It's closer to Hwy 80, and provides clean, safe and un-crowded subdivision parking. There is initially perhaps a half mile uphill hike to main trails, but after that it's more level and shady. This day we took Green Valley to Mystic to Arch trails, and had a snack at a shaded picnic table overlooking the still full blue Upper Lake with a variety of  birds swimming about. Overall, the grass was dry and you had to hunt to spot flowers, but scenic wise it was a pleasure... perhaps due to moderate temperatures.

Trail Location:
See the park page for directions.

Blooming Plants Not Photographed:
NN= Non Native

Bitter Cress (Hirschfeldia incana) NN
Brass Buttons (Cotula coronopifolia) NN
Bristly Ox Tongue (Picris echioides) NN
Buckeye (Aesculus californica)
Bull Rush (Scirpus acutus)
California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)
English Plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
Italian Thistle (Carduus pycnocephalus) NN
Long Beaked Filaree (Erodium botrys) NN
Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) NN
Prickly Sow Thistle (Sonchus asper) NN
Purple Sand Spurry (Spergularia rubra) NN
Red Stemmed Filaree (Erodium cicutarium)NN
Rough Cat’s Ears (Hypochoeris radicata) NN
Spanish Trefoil (Lotus purshianus)
Spike Rush (Eleocharis macrostachya)
Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia)
Turkey Mullein (Eremocarpus setigerus)
Umbrella Sedge (Cyperus eragrostis)
Yellow Star Thistle (Centaurea solstitialis) NN









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Squawroot (Perideridia kelloggii): Has poisonous parts.