TRAIL 14 & 22
September 7,  2009

Trail Description:
Trails 22 and 14 run the perimeter of Rockville Hills Parks northern border. It's mostly shaded, not too steep, and provides interesting views of the nearby hills, Rockville Trails, old rock walls, and finally an expanse of Green Valley from the Western side. Just before the end of Trail 14, you zig zag up a steep grade towards the summit where a picnic table awaits. Unfortunately it's in the sun. From here a number of trails go back to the parking lot ranging from the steep scenic Mystic (No. 10) to the easy shaded Arch trail (No.11).

Trail Map: here
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Blooming Plants Not Photographed:

NN=Non Native
Briza maxima (Rattlesnake Grass)NN
Centauria solstitialis (Yellow Star Thistle)NN
Cyperus eragrostis (Umbrella Sedge)
Mentha pulegium (Pennyroyal)NN
Phyla nodiflora (Lippia)
Scirpus acutus (Bull Rush)
Vicia villosa (Hairy Vetch)