August 5, 2010

Trail Description:

As usual, the morning weather would have made a Nova Scotian Sardine fisherman feel at home, and by noon, we could have been in Hawaii. There are two main hikes from the Bodega Head parking lot. One going north up to the "Horseshoe Cove Overlook" and the other, south along the cliffs. While the first has more vegetation, and wonderful panoramas, the second offer nice cliff views, often with glimpses of whales, seals, porpoise and a variety of birds. Lunch was once again at Spud Point Crab Co  for some great (if not pricy) chowder.

Trail Map: here
Blooming Plants Not Photographed:

NN=Non Native
Achillea millefolium (Yarrow)
Agoseris apargioides (Beach Dandelion)
Anagallis arvensis (Scarlet Pimpernel)NN
Armeria maritima (Sea Thrift)
Brassica nigra (Black Mustard)NN
Calystegia purpurata (Coast Morning Glory)
Castilleja wightii (Wightís Paintbrush)
Convolvulus arvensis (Field Bindweed)NN
Carduus pycnocephalus (Italian Thistle)NN
Carpobrotus chilensis (Ice Plant)NN
Carpobrotus edulis (Ice Plant)NN
Conium maculatum (Poison Hemlock)NN
Dudleya farinosa (Live Forever)
Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy)
Erigeron glaucus (Seaside Daisy)
Erodium cicutarium (Red Stemmed Filaree)NN
Hypochaeris radicata (Rough Catís Ears)NN
Lupinus arboreus (Yellow Bush Lupine)
Madia sativa (Coast Tarplant)
Mimulus guttatus (Seep Monkey Flower)
Monardella villosa (Coyote Mint)
Picris echioides (Prickly Ox Tongue)NN
Plantago coronopus (Cutleaf Plantain)NN
Plantago lanceolata (English Plantain)NN
Platystemon californicus (Cream Cups)
Raphanus sativus (Wild Radish)NN
Rumex acetosella (Sheep Sorrell)NN
Sisyrinchium bellum (Blue Eyed Grass)
Sonchus asper (Prickly Sow Thistle)NN
Sonchus oleraceus (Smooth Sow Thistle)NN
Spergularia macrotheca (Sand Spurrey)
Stachys ajugoides var. rigida (Hedge Nettle)

Fern Not Photographed:
Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens (Bracken Fern)