Month, day,  2013

Hike/Park Description:
Tubbs Island is part of the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge which was created in 1974.
As an important part of the Pacific Flyway, the refuse helps protect a variety of bird life as well as plant life and the marshes necessary for their support. Most recently, levies are being torn down to revitalize dead marshes and Skaggs Island will add another 3,000 acres.
On September 5th with the aid of two refuge representatives, we had a chance to explore and briefly survey this interesting area. The first 2.4 miles are... well... flat, dusty, and somewhat scenically challenged, but keep an eye out for raptors, hares, a variety of smaller animals and a few plants. The marshes are bordered mostly by Coyote Bush, Gum plants etc. Past that are expanses of tidal flats rich in flora and fauna especially shorebirds. Further down the bay opens up to an old riprap shoreline strewn with occasional interesting artifacts and views that extend from the Carquinez to San Francisco and Marin. Due to a break, one can no longer circumnavigate the marsh, but there are still about 3 miles of walking trails. Bring binoculars and a camera.

Park information:
Map link: here
Park website: here

Trail information:
Park trail map here.
Trailhead picture here.
GPS trail data here.

Blooming Plants Not Photographed:
Baccharis pilularis (Coyote Bush)
Centaurea solstitialis (Yellow Star Thistle)NN
Cichorium intybus (Chicory)NN
Cirsium vulgare (Bull Thistle)NN
Convolvulus arvense (Field Bindweed)NN
Cuscuta salina (Salt Marsh Dodder)
Cynara cardunculus (Wild Artichoke)NN
Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) NN
Frankenia salina (Alkali Heath)
Helminthotheca echioides (Bristly Ox Tongue)NN
Hypochaeris radicata (Rough Catís Ear)NN
Jaumea carnosa (Jaumea)
Lotus corniculatus (Birdís Foot Trefoil)NN
Malva neglecta (Common Mallow)NN
Plantago maritima (Seaside Plantain)
Polygonum arenastrum (Knotweed) NN
Raphanus sativus (Wild Radish)NN
Sarcocornia pacifica (Pickleweed)