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Park Description:
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park park lies on the east side of Sonoma County about two miles northeast of the small town of Kenwood.
This 4000 acre parks highest peak is the 2700 foot Bald Mountain. It has approximately 25 miles of trails and one campground, plus is host to the Robert Ferguson Observatory. The park is home to a variety of animals such as fox, coyote, bobcat, etc, and hosts mostly oak woodland vegetation including Doug Firs, Madrone, Buckeye, Manzanita etc. It was admitted into the California park system in 1964.

Directions: Sugarloaf is located about 4 miles East of Santa Rosa.

Park and Trailmap: here
Location map: here
$5 / car for day use. 

Trail Links:
Canyon Trail
     May 30, 2019



The start of the Canyon Trail.   Steps help the Canyon Trail as it descends. 



Parts of the park make a nice respite from the heat.   The Canyon Trail falls.





The Vista Trail is not only nicely wooded in places, but goes through pastures and has amazing views.