My wife and I have had the good fortune to have been able to retire early from our position as corporate executives and pursue our hobbies of horticulture, hiking, traveling and photography. We are actively involved with the Native Plant Society of Napa, a collection of friendly enthusiasts who love the outdoors and are endlessly up for a good hike while searching out rare specimens be it bird or plant.

Plant identification is made by a number of experts including my wife who has done graduate work in horticulture.

I have been photographing since high school. My current cameras of choice are a Canon A710 for it's close up abilities and a Nikon D40 for it's speed and lightweight versatility.

We enjoy our hobbies and are always looking for ways to contribute to the appreciation of our land, parks and environment. Should you have some projects we can help with using our skills, please contact us. For worthy projects in the public interest we will donate our time. For other projects we may ask a modest sum to cover expenses. All our photo's are copyrighted and coded, and we check regularly for unauthorized copies online. Should you want one, please email and most likely we will let you have one for free.

We started this site dedicated to Wildflowers of San Francisco Bay Area on April 6, 2007 and have so far received over 31,000 hits as of October 12, 2007. We are a little surprised to say the least, and would like to offer any aid concerning links or help etc, to sites with like minded interests. 

Any suggestions concerning our site would be most appreciated, as we are constantly striving to make it better.

Thanks, Jorg & Mimi

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For our traveling site, please visit www.avita.us