Park Description:
This is a large park at the southeast corner of Napa with 16 miles of trails that range from Grassy to Oak Woodland. Many trails on the way to Lake Maria go through  dense oak forests with enticing views of the Napa Valley below.  Put on your hiking boots at the parking lot and follow the trail at it's southern end to the Martha Walker Garden for a quick glimpse of a homey garden. Then go between Lake Louise and Camille to the beginning of  the trail heads on the other side. The main road up is uninteresting gravel with little vegetation, so we suggest taking the first right then either Skyline trail or Lower Buckeye of to your left.  Don't forget to check out the Old House Foundation for a bit of melancholy. If you start about 10 am, a leisurely pace should put you close to Lake Marie for a nice lunch.
For the hearty, try Thatchers Rim Rock Trail. For those who are ready for an easier track back, Maria Creek Trail winds down through an interesting climax Oak forest.

Directions:  From Hwy 29 in Napa go East on Imola (Hwy 121) 1.3 miles to the entrance on the right. Map link
Trailmap: here
Park link: here
Cost: $5/car for day use. 

Trail Links:
Skyline Trail
     February 19, 2007
     March 3, 2016
     April 3, 2007
     November 23, 2007
Rim Trail
     January 1, 2008
     Dec. 18, 2008
Lake Marie
     March 5, 2009
Buckeye & Manzanita
     December 17, 2009




















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Start of Manzanita trail