June 18-28,  2012

Trail Description:
This was the groups first official hike of Armstrong Redwoods. We believe this to be the best stand of redwoods we have hiked next to Muir Woods in Marin with the big plus of having no crowds. We took the East Ridge Trail from the Visitors center and hiked to the upper parking lots for lunch, a nice leisurely two hour hike. Afterwards we headed down the Pioneer Trail to the Colonel Armstrong tree and back via the Nature Trail which gives a good sampling of what the park has to offer, yet it is easily do-able in a half day while leaving some driving time.

See our Park page for more information. 

Blooming Plants Not Photographed:
Adenocaulon bicolor (Trail Plant)
Adenostoma fasciculatum Chamise)
Aesculus californica (Buckeye)
Brodiaea elegans (Harvest Brodiaea)
Calystegia arvensis (Field Bindweed)NN
Carduus Pycnocephalus (Italian Thistle)NN
Convolvulus purpurata (Pacific False Bindweed)
Croton setigerus (Turkey Mullein)
Erodium botrys (Long Beaked Filaree)NN
Eriophyllum lanatum (Wooly Sunflower)
Erodium cicutarium (Red Stemmed Filaree)NN
Eschscholzia californica (Calif.. Poppy)
Hemizonia congesta (Yellow Hayfield Tarweed)
Hemizonia congesta ssp luzulifolia (White Hayfield Tarweed)
Hieracium albiflorum (Hawk Weed)
Hypericum concinnum (Goldwire)
Hypochaeris radicata (Rough Cat’s Ears)NN
Linum bienne (Narrow Leaf Flax)NN
Lotus purshianus (Spanish Lotus)
Mimulus aurantiacus (Sticky Monkeyflower)
Picris echioides (Ox Tongue)NN
Plantago lanceolata (English Plantain)NN
Polygala californica ( Milkwort)
Stellaria media (Chick Weed)NN

Ferns & Allies Not Photographed:
Adiantum jordanii (Maidenhair Fern)
Doryopteris arguta (Wood Fern)
Pellaea andromedifolia (Coffee Fern)
Pentagramma triangularis (Goldback Fern)
Polypodium californicum (Calif. Polypody Fern)
Polystichum californicum (California Sword Fern)
Polystichum dudleyi (Dudley’s Sword Fern)
Polystichum munitum (Sword Fern)
Pteridium aquilinum var pubescens (Bracken Fern)